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It is the Mission of the Springfield Police Department and its members to provide the residents of Springfield quality services while being responsive to our community's needs.

We recognize that without the assistance and support of community members and leaders, valuable resources will be overlooked in the process of maintaining the quality of life our citizens have grown accustomed to.

We pledge to work with community leaders and members to form a partnership to improve the quality of life, promote safe, and secure neighborhoods and commercial districts within our community.

We pledge to maintain order in our community recognizing that all inhabitants are afforded equal rights and that each one is treated with the utmost respect.

We pledge to extend beyond the scope of traditional police services to provide a quality of life for our citizens that is second to no other community through cooperative efforts with other government agencies, citizens groups, and organizations.

We the members of the Springfield Police Department make this pledge in an effort to provide the citizens of Springfield quality services while affording all residents the dignity and respect they deserve.

It is the intent of our administration to provide each and every one of our employees as much guidance and direction as humanly possible to meet this standard of excellence.

If you have had an opportunity to meet or have otherwise had contact with one of our officers, we would appreciate you providing us with some feedback on your experience by completing the Springfield Police Department Personal Contact Form online.

Chief of Police
Paul Wynn
  • Answers questions concerning citations, cases, officers and other police department & municipal court matters

 Police/Court Clerk
Darlene Seagroves

  • Answer questions concerning citations, cases, officers and other police department and municipal court matters

  • Collects payments of fines and other fees for police department

  • Coordinates community service work for the City

  • Helps coordinates National Night Out activities and other police department community activities

  • City employee since 05/30/2012

City Court Judge
Grady Reddick
Has served since 1982


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Police Services Provided to the Community

  • Serving & Protecting the Citizens of Springfield

  • Training Intervention Program for Teens

  • Governor's Office of Highway Safety - Click It or Ticket, You Drink You Lose

  • Accident Reporting

  • Neighborhood Watch

  • House Checks

  • Conduct Information Group Meetings


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